26 January Tiffany Diep
By the time the first appointment came around I was so nervous and excited! I found an amazing doctor and felt comfortable as soon as we stepped into the office. There were countless awards plastered all over and he seemed genuinely nice and kept it real. Before we did the ultrasound he explained that this ultrasound was to check for viability- that even though the pregnancy tests were positive, we wouldn’t know what was going on inside until we actually looked.
26 January Tiffany Diep
I was convinced I had giardia. Who knows… maybe I did. Exactly two weeks earlier Taylor and I had our first mountaineering experience in Big Pine. We spent the weekend trying to summit Mt. Sill, but reached a point of total exhaustion after trying to navigate through a moraine and giant suncups. At some point during our adventure we had given up on trying to filter water. It was freezing cold, my filter was occluded, and hers was sluggish.
20 January Corey Prak
“BAAAAABE??!?” Tiff was calling out to me from the bathroom. I was playing videogames in my underwear sitting on the living room couch. This kind of call had a certain tone to it, just like how Duke has distinct growls and barks for communicating things to us. I don’t hear this tone from Tiff too often, but I perk THE F*CK up when I do. Shiet, there’s a huge bug on the ground or something that she wants me to get rid of.
20 January Corey Prak and Tiffany Diep
Tiff’s app said that the baby is as big as a large banana now. Oh my gosh dot jay peg dot pdf dot com. Dot co. Dot en zee. I want her to come out and play with me already! Corey Prak